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Pages created by club members can be linked from the clubs home page while all others are created automatically as
members of the DESBOROUGH (N) INDOOR BOWLS CLUB have used the Beeken Software Solutions bowls club system to handle memberships,
club fixtures, diary bookings, leagues, competitions, hosting events and their web site.

System parameters were set to specify which pages to produce and whats on them.
Some pages are only created when a user is satisfied the task is complete, i.e. club fixture lists,
then presses a button. Others are generated in the background without even a button press from the user.
Most pages are shown in this frame of the home web page. Competitions and rink bookings are too large so they open a seperate page each time.

Full of tools making it easy to manage your membership tasks.

Take the strain out of creating and managing your leagues. ( Standard or Rolling leagues. )
Creating new leagues or reusing them for a new season is made easy.
Enter your teams the date and time of the first match, how many times should teams play each other and the rink sequence to be used. Then press the go button.
The system works out the matches, avoids any blocked dates, books the rinks and provides tools to fine tune the league.
Lots of reports, score card labels and mail merge facilities.
Giving league managers their life back.

Creating and managing your competitions is as easy as selecting the members and partners if required and fees if entered. Then press go.
You can book rinks in advance for each match in each round.
Lots of reports and score card labels that include players names.

Club Fixtures
Record your club fixtures and identify the status, click to book rinks and or make entries into the diary page.

Diary Pages
Record any club activity from matches requiring meals to wedding bookings.

Event Hosting
If your club hosts events with multiple competition types then this facility will help.
example; Melton IBC have hosted the E.I.B.A. national finals over a ten year period, they provide match scoring for the normal singles pairs etc, as well as team events such as double rinks and the Liberty trophy.
All that functionality has now been built into this system with added features to enable end by end scoring, competition status and position of current matches taking place being shown on their web site.
Setting up and managing these events in the system has been made as easy as possible.
Web publishing is a button press by the user. As often as required.

Web Site Management
The system creates all the web pages your web site automatically.
Your menu can show default buttons or your own, or none at all. You can have your own backgrounds and your own welcome page. Its up to you.
You can create your own web pages and link them from your own welcome page. When the systems your welcome page it stops the default one.
All league and competition pages are recreated every time you update a league score or a competition result.

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